Female Sexuality

Sexuality is a complicated part of us, it refers to people’s sexual interest in and attraction to others; it is the capacity to have erotic feelings and experiences. Sexuality may change with age, experience, and health conditions.

Sexual health

Sexual health is achieving sexual satisfaction however is most comfortable for you.A fulfilling sex life improves the quality of your sleep and reduces stress. But achieving a healthy and satisfying sex life does not just happen especially in woman, you have to work it out and do so with your partner.

A woman may desire to have sex to feel close to her partner or to show her feelings but without satisfaction.Sexual satisfaction differs for everyone. Many factors influence sexual response, including how you feel about your partner, how you feel about yourself, your health, and your religious and cultural upbringing.

Sociocultural and Religion belief and Sexuality.

Human sexuality can be understood as part of the social life of humans, governed by social norms and values. Different cultures vary in norms, including how they understand and perceive sexuality. Individuals are exposed to these norms and values starting from a very young age by their family, education system, peers, media, and religion. In more recent years, peers and the media have emerged as two strong influences on sexuality, particularly among adolescents.

Most religions have developed moral codes that guide people’s sexual activities and practices. The influence of religion on sexuality is apparent in many countries today.

Some religions view sex as a sacred act between a man and a woman that should only be performed within marriage; other religions view certain kinds of sexual display as shameful/sinful; while some emphasis that sex should only be engaged in for the purpose of procreation.

Many religions advocate control over one’s sex drive and sexual desire, or dictate the times or conditions in which sexuality can be expressed. Whether or not sex before marriage, the use of birth control, polygamous relationships, or abortion are deemed acceptable, is often a matter of religious belief.

Religious/cultural belief is associated with decreased sexual activity, poor sexual satisfaction, and sexual guilt, particularly among women. Imagine a woman going through that horrible traditional cut (Female Genital Mutilation), and so on just to checkmate her sexual appetite.

It is a matter of concern that lots of women endure sex instead of achieving sexual satisfaction; therefore they are not sexually healthy.

Below are some tips to help women achieve sexual satisfaction/healthiness.     


Tips for sexual satisfaction

  • Good communication. This is where lots of women get it wrong. I know that It is not always easy to talk about your sexual desires especial in Africa where women are under sexual slavery (the man jumps on her, satisfy himself and off he goes not blinking an eye about the women’s own sexual satisfaction); however, your partner can not read your mind. Sharing your thoughts and expectations about your sexual experiences can bring you closer to your partner and help you experience greater sexual fulfillment. You as a woman should be able to say how best to make it right for you, you should be able to say – I am not yet ready for penetration, I  am having pain, get deeper, I have not achieved orgasm yet can we go again you should be…… say it the way it is, the way you feel it.
  • Quality foreplay. This gives the woman an opportunity to be aroused and well lubricated before that swift and enjoyable penetration. “No man is allowed to just jump on you in the name of sex without foreplay except in cases of rape”.
  • Positioning. Change your routines and try different positions, not ‘missionary style’ all the time. Being on top keeps the women in charge, ‘doggy style’ exposes your clitoris and the G-spot for better stimulation.
  • Use of vaginal lubricant. This aids penetration without pain especial in women that have problem getting wet like the post menopausal women.
  • Study and know your partner for mutual benefit. This is not for men alone, same applies to women.

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