Seeing Opportunity in Crisis as a Woman.

The need for an alternative source of income as a woman cannot be overemphasized as this creates room for opportunities even amid crisis.

Crisis is an unstable state of being of an economy. A Chinese man defines crisis as been composed of 2 characteristics: Danger and Opportunity.

The fact remains that in the world, country, society, or family there will always be crisis at one point or the other, this is not a curse but a fact that people should be conscious and prepared for.

Crisis makes you go beyond your comfort zone. Most people that have built things that ever lasted, did it tremendously well in the time of crisis.

Crisis brings out the best potential in you, when you are focused and determined. For instance, the COVID 19 Pandemic brought opportunities for a boom in the sales of nose masks, hand sanitisers and also the upsurge of e-learning.

Now the question is, How prepared are you for future changes or crisis? Some of which are the massive replacement of humans with machines and software, the introduction of CBN Cashless Policy that has helped the banking system to desire fewer workers now than before through the easy use of POS machines outside the banks, ATM cards, e-banking channels and lots more.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, we as women need to see opportunities with these innovations and carve out our niche by identifying our target market. If we faithfully do this, the sky will be our starting point as as women.

How to take advantage of crisis.

  1. Change your mental picture: Instead of seeing the crisis as a short-term necessary evil that we should try to leave behind as soon as possible and return to a comfortable pre-crisis  state, we should ask how to use the current situation to bring about long overdue changes. “The idea that no one had ever done  this is  a good thing. It meant an opportunity to own it by yourself”.
  2. Have a vision and a plan: vision comes from believing, believe in your capacity and have a vision that aligns with your plan. A vision is a set plan which when accompanied with focus and determination will yield the desired result.
  3. Research and Identify new opportunities generated by the crisis :  One way to spot new opportunities in crisis is to creatively address people’s fears and uncertainties. For example, in this time of COVID-19 pandemic the demand for some products especially medical issues, online services, and so on became high. Information is power and will only come to you when you seek it. Research helps one devise a strategy in a field. Seek information! Seek power and see opportunities.
  4. Reexamine your  skills and possibly acquire more:  In this era, the aim of waiting for white-collar jobs is not visible any longer. We are in the era of what you can do, setting aside your certificate. Develop a skill, practice and be a master in the field. As an employee, you can never be richer than your employer. If where you are now is not where you see yourself in 10-15 years then you should be doing something different. Seek  for opportunities no matter the crisis.
  5.  Move away from your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is that level where you are comfortable with whatever is thrown at you. Example is being comfortable with your monthly salary and so on. There is always a need for multiple streams of income. The Covid-19 pandemic paved way for a higher level of opportunities that were identified by some, people earned better than their salaries and also had enough time to spend with there household and loved ones, this made many workers resign from their job to  seek better sources of  income.

Women should know that the era of dependency is far past, making the need for income generation a necessity  for them. They need to study, learn to be focused and determined to create their income. Have a positive mindset about yourself and ensure a quality attitude towards embracing opportunities in the midst of crisis. Women are gifted, talented and blessed. Don’t let your talents lie unused  because of negligence in identifying and utilizing opportunities.

 Chidinma Akpotue

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