A few words about

What We Do

WOMEN CORNER is tasked with a mandate to build a community of RESOLUTE women empowered to attain their full potential.

We envision a society where every woman/girl is empowered to attain her full potentials.

Our Mission is to see that women & girls rise above their challenges through Health care (Sexual & Reproductive Health) services and Capacity building including Skill acquisition, Entrepreneurial training with Job creation and Mentorship in different facets of life.


Women’s Corner has created a platform for African women irrespective of their social class/status, literacy level, religion, tribe, or region; to network through local and international conferences, workshops, seminars, and so on. We also have Women’s Corner Tribe, where women share their day-to-day experiences, challenges, opportunities etc.
On this platform, we facilitate Mentorship and Partnership programmes aimed at building and developing a network of formidable women in all fields of endeavor. Through our  mentor/mentee schemes, we have impacted and encouraged women in their chosen paths. 

Healthcare Services

Our Healthcare services was our first point of call with sexual and reproductive health at the center. 

We cater for the medical needs of women by engaging the services of female professionals (doctors & Health workers) who are willing to provide professional services at little or no professional cost.


Women’s Corner has created a platform called Women’s Corner Business training and Contest for female entrepreneurs to be trained, financed and mentored through the rudiments of entrepreneurship. It is a program that takes place yearly and lots of female entrepreneurs are already benefiting from these.


Women are integral to the growth of any economy and should develop their potentials.

Women’s Corner facilitates skill acquisition and Vocational training for females of all ages to help them become self dependent, reliant and strive towards financial freedom & literacy. 

Some of our workshops have included bag making, soap & cream making, fashion accessories, computer trainings, etc. with countless testimonials from participants.

We are committed to building a community of Resolute women poised to lead in all spheres of life.

Come be a part of our community!